Real New Zealand Tours policy on Conservation and our Environment


Our goal is to ensure all visitors have an amazing world class experience when in New Zealand. We believe the majority of our visitors are motivated to travel to New Zealand because of our 100% pure pristine scenery, our clean green environment, and exciting outdoor adventure activities, so we want to play our part in protecting our environment for future generations.

We aspire to be a truly environmentally and sustainable friendly company. To achieve our goal of helping to protect the environment, we promote the following responsible tourism practices and habits -


  • Real New Zealand Tours guides (when a private driver trip) actively encourage all visitors travelling around New Zealand to spend some time picking up any debris or litter that we see, especially in more remote isolated areas. This is part of our ongoing conservation initiative to keep New Zealand beautiful for generations to come. Our Kiwi guides will lead by example, and often make suggestions how best to “do your bit”. You can feel good and be very satisfied knowing that you have not only enjoyed our awesome scenery and done your bit to help keep it that way, but you have also helped protect our beautiful land for future visitors who next travel to Aotearoa New Zealand, so thank you
  • Real New Zealand Tours office staff use energy-efficient light bulbs and have an active daily recycling programme. Staff are regularly reminded of their responsibilities
  • We have double glazing glass on all office windows and rarely need to use any form of energy sourced heating, even in winter
  • We are actively reducing printed material and replacing it with online digital content for training, marketing and the promotion of our business. We do not print any brochures
  • Our goal is to have a paperless office. We encourage only online reservations
  • We are strong advocates for all our guides and drivers to use Cloud based technology, for example, with their daily log book recording as required by Land Transport New Zealand (Government)
  • We donate funds to a non-profit making Penguin Conservation project managed by Dr Chris Challies, a world leading authority on Penguins. When booking your trip with Real New Zealand Tours you are actively supporting this wonderful project, thank you
  • When you wish to donate directly to our New Zealand Department of Conservation go to -